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Stepwise growth of gold coated cancer targeting carbon nanotubes for the precise delivery of doxorubicin combined with photothermal therapy

Combining doxorubicin with thermal therapy in the clinic has led to startling results in the treatment of problematic cancers. Here, we describe a multimo dal multi-walled carbon nanotube material that combines tumor targeting, doxorubicin delivery, and photothermal therapy for localized cancer treatment. The agent was constructed layer-by-layer from polypyrrole and gold nanoparticles on multi-walled carbon nanotubes. The gold surface was modified with tumor targeting folic acid terminated PEGylated chains, which also provide water-dispersibility, biocompatibility and should extend the half-life in blood. The material has a high loading/unloading capacity for the cytotoxic agent doxorubicin. Release of the doxorubicin, combined with the photothermal properties of the material that induces localized hyperthermia, leads to efficient cancer cell death.


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