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Efficient Electrochemical Production of Peroxodicarbonate Applying DIACHEM (R) Diamond Electrodes

The electrochemical synthesis of peroxodicarbonate was performed on boron-doped DIACHEM((R)) diamond anodes (BDD). The influence of various parameters was studied and promising conditions were determined in an undivided cell design by CONDIAS GmbH. The best performance was obtained with a temperature below room temperature (< 18 degrees C), high current density (720 mA cm(-2)), high flow velocity (170 cm s(-1)) and starting concentration close to the maximum solubility of sodium carbonate (1.5 M Na-carbonate). A high concentration of peroxodicarbonate of 282 mM was obtained with highest current efficiency of about 76%. Future industrial applications appear to be promising. Experiments performed to investigate the bleaching power of the peroxodicarbonate gave promising results. Additionally, a new type of DIACHEM((R)) diamond electrode based on Molybdenum substrate was successfully tested.


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