Buried & surface cofiring compatibility of DuPont 5092D PTC thermistor composition with DuPont 951 LTCC

This reports documents qualification tests made with the 100Ω PTC resistive composition DuPont (DP) 5092D, co-fired on the surface and inside (buried) DP 951 LTCC material, using a wide range of Ag & alloyed Ag-Pd conductor termination: DP 6142D & 6145 (Ag), and 6135D & 6143 & 6146 & 7484 (Ag-Pd). These tests were deemed necessary, as previous ones [1], carried out with Ag terminations only, were deemed not conclusive and reliable enough. The resulting resistors were electrically characterised, and the reliability of the different samples was analysed. Besides, the degree of deformation and morphology of the samples was qualitatively evaluated.

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