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MPc/Au(111) interface electronic structure investigated by high-resolution photoemission spectroscopy

We study the adsorption and the growth of FePc and MnPc layer(s) on the Au(111) surface. The evolution of the Au(111) Shockley surface state by molecular deposition has been investigated by means of photoemission spectroscopy. The Shockley surface state undergoes a shift at lower binding energy upon FePc adsorption, indicating a charge redistribution, while for the MnPc molecules the surface state binding energy is constant up to the completion of a single layer. The interaction is mainly driven by the central metal atom and the different orbital configuration induces a charge redistribution of the Fe central atom, while the Mn atoms seem unaffected by the process. Interaction of the central metal atom and charge redistribution are fundamental parameters to control the magnetic state of the single layer of FePc and MnPc on the metal surface. ©Società Italiana di Fisica.


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