Outside-in integrin signalling regulates haematopoietic stem cell function via Periostin-Itgav axis

Integrins play an important role in haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) maintenance in the bone marrow niche. Here, we demonstrate that Periostin (Postn) via interaction with Integrin-alpha v (Itgav) regulates HSC proliferation. Systemic deletion of Postn results in peripheral blood (PB) anaemia, myelomonocytosis and lymphopenia, while the number of phenotypic HSCs increases in the bone marrow. Postn(-/-) mice recover faster from radiation injury with concomitant loss of primitive HSCs. HSCs from Postn(-/-) mice show accumulation of DNA damage generally associated with aged HSCs. Itgav deletion in the haematopoietic system leads to a similar PB phenotype and HSC-intrinsic repopulation defects. Unaffected by Postn, Vav-Itgav(-/-) HSCs proliferate faster in vitro, illustrating the importance of Postn-Itgav interaction. Finally, the Postn-Itgav interaction inhibits the FAK/PI3K/AKT pathway in HSCs, leading to increase in p27Kip1 expression resulting in improved maintenance of quiescent HSCs. Together, we demonstrate a role for Itgav-mediated outside-in signalling in regulation of HSC proliferation and stemness.

Published in:
Nature Communications, 7, 13500
London, Nature Publishing Group

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