Modular interface for embedded audio acquisition platforms

In this project, I developed a browser based interface for prototyping real-time processing algorithms using embedded multi channel audio acquisition platforms. The interface allows to interact in an easy manner with a GNU/Linux enabled single board computer and to run algorithms in real-time on distant audio streams from a host computer. It creates a bridge between the user’s computer and the audio acquisition board. More precisely, the interface let us to: - change the board configuration; - write Python code; - execute it in real-time on the audio streams; - visualize data (typically outputs of the algorithm). The project is composed of three main components, communicating together using WebSockets: - daemons in C running on the board: they transmit the audio streams and listen for configuration changes; - a Python daemon: it executes Python code sent by the interface; - the interface itself. Finally, a Python module helps the user to access the audio streams, the configuration, and to create data visualizations. This module connects to the C daemons (to receive the streams and the configuration) and to the browser to send data in real-time for visualizations. The technical documentation is included in the Appendix of this report. It is also available online:, as well as the code repository: https: //

Scheibler, Robin

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