Mandatory feature integration across retinotopic locations

Although visual integration is often thought to be retinotopic, visual features can be integrated across retinotopic locations. For example, when a Vernier is followed by a sequence of flanking lines on either side, a percept of two diverging motion streams is elicited. Even though the central Vernier is invisible due to metacontrast masking, its offset is visible in the following elements. If an offset is introduced to one of the flanking lines, the two offsets combine (Otto et al., 2006). Here, by varying the number of flanking lines and the position of the flank offset, we show that this integration lasts up to 450 ms. Furthermore, this process is mandatory, i.e, observers are not able to consciously access the individual lines and change their decision. These results suggest that the contents of consciousness can be modulated by an unconscious memory-process wherein information is integrated for up to 450 ms.

Published in:
Perception, 45, Supplement 2, 359
Presented at:
39th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP), Barcelona, Spain, Aug 28 - Sep 1, 2016

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