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Colloidal strategies for preparing oxide-based hybrid nanocrystals

A review. Recent progress of colloidal chem. in the prepn. of multimaterial nanostructures incorporating transition-metal oxides is reviewed. Attention is focused on the emerging class of hybrid nanocrystals (HNCs), in which domains of different materials are interconnected through inorg. junctions in defined spatial arrangements. The level of expertise so far achieved in the prepn. of single-material NCs with finely tuned geometric parameters was further extended into elegant "seeded growth" approaches for accessing elaborate HNCs by control of interfacial lattice strain and surface energy in liq. media. Various topol. configurations were analyzed, including concentric core/shell architectures, hetero-oligomers grouping spherical material domains, and more asym. hybrid nanostructures based on rod-shaped sections. The chem.-phys. properties and technol. advantages offered by such multifunctional HNCs are also summarized.


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