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Mild reactive stripping of coordinating ligands from nanocrystal surfaces using Meerwein's salt

Native coordinating ligands acquired during the chem. synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals are optimized primarily for their ability to exert control over nanocrystal size, compn., morphol., and dispersibility, and not necessarily for their final application. In general, they are hydrophobic and highly insulating, and constitute a significant barrier for charge or ion transport in devices configured therefrom. Bare nanocrystal surfaces, while desirable for many applications are difficult to obtain reliably. This study relates to a universal reagent for producing stable dispersions or thin films of ligand-stripped nanocrystals with retention of their phys. properties, showing that this can be uniquely achieved by using Meerwein's (Et3OBF4) and other trialkyl oxonium salts to investigate reactive ligand stripping of oleate-passivated lead selenide nanocrystals (PbSe-OA).


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