Force Transfer around Openings in Cross-Laminated Timber Shear Walls

This paper presents a study on force transfer around openings (FTAO) in cross-laminated timber (CLT) shear walls. To elucidate the load transfer mechanism in CLT walls, this study used finite-element models to study five different CLT shear wall configurations. The effect of uncertainty in the behavior of connectors in the wall over its force-deformation behavior and design transfer force was also studied. In a coupled-panel wall, the presence of an opening decreased the strength and stiffness of the wall and tie-rods were provided as reinforcement to limit the deformation between the panels in the wall and to improve its strength and stiffness. The models presented here provide a tool to determine the transfer force in a CLT shear wall for design of tie-rods and develop a better understanding of load distribution within the wall. (C) 2016 American Society of Civil Engineers.

Published in:
Journal of Structural Engineering
Reston, Asce-Amer Soc Civil Engineers

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