In-place transformations with applications to encoding and decoding various classes of codes

In an encoder for encoding symbols of data using a computing device having memory constraints, a method of performing a transformation comprising loading a source block into memory of the computing device, performing an intermediate transformation of less than all of the source block, then replacing a part of the source block with intermediate results in the memory and then completing the transformation such that output symbols stored in the memory form a set of encoded symbols. A decoder can perform decoding steps in an order that allows for use of substantially the same memory for storing the received data and the decoded source block, performing as in-place transformations. Using an in-place transformation, a large portion of memory set aside for received data can be overwritten as that received data is transformed into decoded source data without requiring a similar sized large portion of memory for the decoded source data.

Alternative title(s) : (de) Transformationen an ort und stelle mit anwendungen auf die codierung und decodierung verschiedener klassen von code (fr) Transformations sur place avec des applications pour le codage et pour le decodage de classes variees de codes
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