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Molecular beam epitaxy of InAs nanowires in SiO2 nanotube templates: challenges and prospects for integration of III-Vs on Si

Guided growth of semiconductor nanowires in nanotube templates has been considered as a potential platform for reproducible integration of III-Vs on silicon or other mismatched substrates. Herein, we report on the challenges and prospects of molecular beam epitaxy of InAs nanowires in SiO2/Si nanotube templates. We show how and under which conditions the nanowire growth is initiated by In-assisted vapor-liquid-solid growth enabled by the local conditions inside the nanotube template. The conditions for high yield of vertical nanowires are investigated in terms of the nanotube depth, diameter and V/III flux ratios. We present a model that further substantiates our findings. This work opens new perspectives for monolithic integration of III-Vs on the silicon platform enabling new applications in the electronics, optoelectronics and energy harvesting arena.

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