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Controlling Scattering and Absorption With Metamaterial Covers

We discuss the use of metasurfaces and plasmonic metamaterials to minimize the scattering from receiving antennas and sensors, with the goal of maximizing their absorption efficiency. We first analytically study and highlight the potential of these approaches to realize optimized sensors with the desired level of efficiency, being able to minimize the electrical presence of a receiving antenna for a chosen level of overall absorption. Realistic cloak designs, investigated using full-wave simulations, verify the behavior analytically predicted by Mie theory. These optimized cloaks offer a practical way to flexibly tailor the scattering of receiving antennas, with great benefits in the design and optimization of near-field sensors, remote communication systems, spoof targets and improved antenna blockage resiliency. Optimized covers may also provide other interesting features for the same receiving antenna by just tuning its resistive load, such as optimal wireless power harvesting or high-to-low tunable absorption efficiency.


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