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Design of an external BLDC motor with integrated electronics for 48V on-board power supply

For truck and electric two-wheel applications, the design target is an electric motor with working point in the range of 18-20Nm @ 4000rpm functioning at ambient temperatures from -40°C to 105°C. The design will be based on an existing Sonceboz BLDC motor. The objective of this master project is to design an external rotor BLDC motor with integrated electronics for 48V onboard power supply with given design constraints: 1) Definition of the motor structure and design optimization (electromagnetic simulation) Tool: FLUX2D/3D 2) Thermal simulations Tool: SolidWorks 3) Integration of the new BLDC model to the Sonceboz tools for dynamic simulation. Tool: Existing Sonceboz SIL simulation with Matlab/Simulink The main focus of the design effort must be laid on the motor structure and the choice of materials. The optimization criteria are performances (power, efficiency, self-heating...), external dimensions, as well as product and process costs (industrialization). The proposed concept will in particular take into account existing production facilities and evaluate the necessary modifications with respect to the existing CPM90 BLDC motor. The motor design must be ready for industrialization under the given cost constraints. The electronics are not in the scope of this master project and are developed in parallel by Sonceboz R&D; Engineers.


    • EPFL-STUDENT-222754

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