A 3D Cutting Method for Integral 1DOF Multiple-Tab-and-Slot Joints for Timber Plates, using 5-axis CNC Cutting Technology

Integral Mechanical Attachment (IMA) uses features in the form of components for their connection. In addition to the transfer of forces, locator features are used as integral assembly guides. Prismatic, single-degree-of-freedom (1DOF) joints only allow for a single assembly motion and therefore a simple, rapid and precise assembly. In modern timber construction, such CNC-fabricated 1DOF joints are commonly used in frame structures. Recent research is investigating the application of similar techniques for the joining of timber plate components, inspired by traditional handcrafted joints from cabinetmaking. The method presented in this paper builds upon previous research, allowing for new geometric variations such as non-orthogonal 1DOF plate joints and a simplified cutting process using a 5-axis simultaneous cutting technique. In addition to the use of milling tools, the method is compatible with 5-axis laser cutting and 5-axis waterjet cutting. Advantages and disadvantages of the different methods are being discussed.

Published in:
Proceedings of the World Conference of Timber Engineering WCTE 2016
Presented at:
World Conference of Timber Engineering WCTE 2016, Vienna, Austria, August 22-25, 2016

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