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Divergent Reactivity of Thioalkynes in Lewis Acid Catalyzed Annulations with Donor-Acceptor Cyclopropanes

Efficient methods for the convergent synthesis of (poly) cyclic scaffolds are urgently needed in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. Herein, we describe new annulation reactions of thioalkynes with phthalimide-substituted donor-acceptor cyclopropanes, which gave access to highly substituted cyclopentenes and polycyclic ring systems. With silyl-thioalkynes, the Lewis acid catalyzed[3+2] annulation reaction with donor-acceptor cyclopropanes took place to afford 1-thio-cyclopenten-3-amines. On the other hand, an unprecedented polycyclic compound was formed with alkyl-thioalkynes through a reaction pathway directly involving the phthalimide group. The two transformations proceeded in good yields and tolerated a large variety of functional groups.

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