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Interface Engineering of Perovskite Solar Cell Using a Reduced-Graphene Scaffold

Interface engineering of solar cell device is a prominent strategy to improve the device performance. Herein, we synthesize reduced-graphene scaffold (rGS) by using a new and simple chemical approach. In this regard, we synthesize 4 hollow structure of graphene and then fabricate a three-dimensional scaffold of graphene with a superior surface area using electrophoretic process. We employ this, scaffold as an interface layer between the electron transfer and absorber: layers in perovskite solar cell: The characterization tests and photovoltaic results show that rGS improves the carrier transportation, yielding a 27% improvement in device performance as compared to conventional device. Finally, a power conversion efficiency Of 17.2% is achieved :for the device based on the graphene scaffold. Besides, rGS amends the stability and hysteresis effect of the perovskite solar cell.


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