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From Pillar[n]arene Scaffolds for the Preparation of Nanomaterials to Pillar[5]arene-containing Rotaxanes

Pillar[n]arenes are a new class of macrocycles that are efficiently prepared from readily available building blocks. In this particular field, our research teams became interested in the use of a pillar[5]arene core as a compact scaffold for the synthesis of nanomaterials with a controlled distribution of functional groups on both rims of the macrocyclic framework. Such compounds have found applications in biology as multivalent ligands for specific lectines or as polycationic compounds for gene delivery. Liquid-crystalline derivatives have been prepared by grafting mesogenic subunits on the pillar[5]arene core. On the other hand, we also became interested in the preparation of pillar[5]arene-containing [2]rotaxanes. In particular, we have shown that pillar[5] arene-based [2]rotaxanes can be obtained from the reaction of amine stoppers with pseudo-rotaxanes resulting from the association of a pillar[5]arene derivative with a diacyl chloride reagent. Finally, amphiphilic [2]rotaxanes have been prepared and incorporated in thin ordered films at the air water interface.


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