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Piling Up Pillar[5]arenes To Self-Assemble Nanotubes

New liquid-crystalline pillar[5]arene derivatives have been prepared by grafting first-generation Percectype poly(benzylether) dendrons onto the macrocyclic scaffold. The molecules adopt a disc-shaped structure perfectly suited for self-organization into a columnar liquidcrystalline phase. In this way, the pillar[5]arene cores are piled up, thus forming a nanotubular wire encased within a shell of peripheral dendrons. The capability of pillar[5]arenes to form inclusion complexes has been also exploited. Specifically, detailed binding studies have been carried out in solution with 1,6-dicyanohexane as the guest. Inclusion complexes have also been prepared in the solid state. Supramolecular organization into the Colh mesophase has been deduced from X-ray diffraction data and found to be similar to that observed within the crystal lattice of a model inclusion complex prepared from 1,4-dimethoxypillar[5]arene and 1,6-dicyanohexane.


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