Highly Repeatable Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for Heteronuclear NMR Metabolomics

At natural C-13 abundance, metabolomics based on heteronuclear NMR is limited by sensitivity. We have recently demonstrated how hyperpolarization by dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization (D-DNP) assisted by cross-polarization (CP) provides a reliable way of enhancing the sensitivity of heteronudear NMR in dilute mixtures of metabolites. In this Technical Note, we evaluate the precision of this experimental approach, a critical point for applications to metabolomics. The higher the repeatability, the greater the likelihood that one can detect small biologically relevant differences between samples. The average repeatability of our state-of-the-art D-DNP NMR equipment for samples of metabolomic relevance (20 mg dry weight tomato extracts) is 3.6% for signals above the limit of quantification (LOQ) and 6.4% when all the signals above the limit of detection (LOD) are taken into account. This first report on the repeatability of D-DNP highlights the compatibility of the technique with the requirements of metabolomics and confirms its potential as an analytical tool for such applications.

Published in:
Analytical Chemistry, 88, 12, 6179-6183
Washington, Amer Chemical Soc

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