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Identification of Biokinetic Models using the Concept of Extents

The need for and development of a wide array of process technologies to enable the shift from conventional biological wastewater treatment processes to resource recovery systems is matched by an increasing demand in predictive abilities. Mathematical models are excellent tools to meet this demand. However, obtaining reliable and fit-for-purpose models remains a cumbersome task due to the inherent complexity of biological wastewater treatment processes. In this work, we present a first study in the context of environmental biotechnology that adopts and explores the use of extents as a way to simplify and streamline the dynamic process modeling task. In addition, the extent-based modeling strategy is enhanced by accounting for nonlinear algebraic equilibria and nonlinear measurement equations in a maximum-likelihood sense. Finally, a thorough discussion of our results aims at demonstrating the benefits of extent-based modeling and its potential to turn environmental process modeling into a highly automated task.


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