An advanced methodology for the mix design optimization of hot mix asphalt

The bitumen quantity to add to asphalt mixtures depends on the surfaces of aggregates and filler to be coated. The formulas currently available in the literature have limitations such as considering all the fillers with the same specific surface or the aggregates with spherical or cubical shapes. This paper aims to define an analytical approach for the determination of the optimal dosage of bitumen in HMA proposing new methodologies to go a step further in the resolution of the above mentioned approximations. Indeed, new surface area factors were calculated to determine the aggregates surface considering their real shapes and volumes. Afterwards, the authors proposed a detailed characterization of two types of fillers and the critical filler concentration, introduced by Faheem and Bahia, was used to calculate the minimum amount of bitumen for maintaining the mastic in a diluted state and filling the voids in the mixtures. Finally, a verification of the formula developed was carried out with specific laboratory tests. These results allow the challenge of revising the method of calculating the specific surface of the aggregates and filler to be addressed with the final goal to include them in a new mix design optimization for HMA. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Published in:
Materials & Design, 98, 174-185
Oxford, Elsevier Sci Ltd

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