The branching fractions of the Upsilon(1S) inclusive decays into final states with a J/psi or psi(2S) are measured with improved precision to be B Upsilon(1S) -> J/psi + anything = (5.25 +/- 0.13(stat) +/- 0.25(syst) x 10(-4) and B Upsilon(1S) -> psi(2S) + anything = (1.23 +/- 0.17(stat) +/- 0.11(syst)) x 10(-4). The first search for Upsilon(1S) decays into XYZ states that decay into a J/psi or a psi(2S) plus one or two charged tracks yields no significant signals for XYZ states in any of the examined decay modes, and upper limits on their production rates in Upsilon(1S) inclusive decays are determined.