Development of a precision machine to perform and study orthogonal micro-cutting

This article presents a laboratory machine designed to perform orthogonal micro-cutting experiments. The machine allows an accurate control of the various cutting parameters and a direct comparison of micro-and macrocutting tool-material data bases. Research with the machine will focus on validating the application of macrocutting data to at least a range of microcutting applications and to define the limits beyond which such applications are no longer possible. The paper describes the machine and its design specifications and provides the validation of the performances claimed. The machine can cut in a reproducible manner with depths of cut as low as 1 mu m, at speeds in the range 50-1000 mm/s, while measuring the cutting and thrust forces. The variability in nominal depth of cut is equal or better than 1 mu m. Application examples illustrate the influence of lubrication and lead additions on the cutting process and demonstrate that the machine is indeed suitable for the application for which it was designed.

Published in:
Production Engineering-Research And Development, 10, 2, 217-226
Heidelberg, Springer Heidelberg

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