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000218844 245__ $$aPlatinum nanopetal-based potassium sensors for acute cell death monitoring
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000218844 520__ $$aGrowing interest in the role of ions as cell death regulators has led to the consideration of K<sup>+</sup>, which plays a major role in events such as necrosis, apoptosis and osmotic shock. These mechanisms induce effluxes of K<sup>+</sup>, which can be measured to monitor such cellular events. In this work, we present a fast and simple template-free electrodeposition method for modifying electrodes on microfabricated Si-based platforms with Pt nanopetals. K<sup>+</sup>-selective electrodes were constructed by coupling such newly obtained Pt nanopetals, which were used as a solid contact, with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) K<sup>+</sup>-selective membranes. The drift over time was reduced by three orders of magnitude from several mV h<sup>-1</sup> for bare electrodes to tens of &mu;V h<sup>-1</sup>when Pt nanopetals were used as an intermediate layer between the electrode and the selective membrane. The improved potential stability is comparable to the best values obtained by using solid-contact ion-selective electrodes based on other nanomaterials. The sensors exhibited near-Nernstian behavior and high selectivity for K<sup>+</sup>. By studying cell viability in relation to K<sup>+</sup> measurements, we established a new correlation between the level of ions and the cell viability upon exposure to both osmotic shock and treatment with acetaminophen. The present method for the continuous and non-invasive monitoring of cell death in a bioreactor has potential applications in various biomedical domains.
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