Conference paper

Simultaneous Monitoring of Anesthetics and Therapeutic Compounds with a Portable Multichannel Potentiostat

As metabolic pathways are highly variable among different patients, then an accurate and continuous monitoring of the personal response to drug treatments is essential especially with critical medications, e.g. anesthetic and anti-cancer cocktails. Currently, for anesthesia monitoring, there are no fully mature point-of-care bio-sensing systems. Indeed, it is still evaluated by mathematical models and with indirect parameters like Bispectral Index, which can not provide the actual concentration in blood. The aim of this paper is to investigate solutions for developing a portable system able to monitor simultaneously several different drugs. For this purpose, Cyclic Voltammetries with an anesthetic product and therapeutic compounds were performed for the validation of the system. A multichannel potentiostat has been realized with Off-The-Shelf Components (COTS). Then, results from electrochemical acquisitions on GC SPEs show that the proposed circuitry is suitable for this aim and they prove its high flexibility to develop portable systems for continuous monitoring of anesthetics and therapeutic compounds.

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