Conference paper

Detection of crop properties by means of hyperspectral remote sensing from a micro UAV

Aerial hyperspectral remote sensing technologies provide effective methods for the exploration and study of plant and crop properties. In this study a custom made hexacopter was equipped with a small scale hyperspectral imaging (HSI) camera capable of measuring 16 bands in the visible range of the light. From single HSI images geo-rectified and registered maps were calculated and a selection of spectral indices (SI’s) calculated from the provided data. The SI´s were correlated to crop traits such as leaf nitrogen (Nconc), chlorophyll (CHLtot)and total pigment concentration (Pigmtot), canopy cover (CC) and leaf area index (LAI), measured in the field. The relationships to Nconc and CHLtot are discussed in detail with respect to measurement constraints, such as the interrelationships to LAI and application for precision farming or breeding experiments.

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