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Harmonium: A pulse preserving source of monochromatic extreme ultraviolet (30–110 eV) radiation for ultrafast photoelectron spectroscopy of liquids

A tuneable repetition rate extreme ultraviolet source (Harmonium) for time resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of liquids is presented. High harmonic generation produces 30-110 eV photons, with fluxes ranging from similar to 2 x 10(11) photons/s at 36 eV to similar to 2 x 10(8) photons/s at 100 eV. Four different gratings in a time-preserving grating monochromator provide either high energy resolution (0.2 eV) or high temporal resolution (40 fs) between 30 and 110 eV. Laser assisted photoemission was used to measure the temporal response of the system. Vibrational progressions in gas phase water were measured demonstrating the similar to 0.2 eV energy resolution. (C) 2015 Author(s).

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