Conference paper

Sensitivity of the dispatch strategy in designing grid integrated hybrid energy systems

Integrating renewable energy technologies based on solar PV (SPV) and wind energy in the energy system is challenging due to time dependence of the energy potential for these energy sources. Grid integrated hybrid energy systems combining SPV panels, wind turbines, battery bank and internal combustion generators (ICG) can be used in this regard specially for distributed generation. Energy-economic dispatch strategy plays a vital role in managing the energy flow of the system. However, it is difficult to design such energy system due to complexity of the energy flow because of the changes in electricity demand, solar and wind energy potential. This study evaluates the sensitivity of dispatch strategy on optimum system configuration considering Levelized Energy Cost (LEC) and Grid Integration Level (GI). Two existing dispatch strategies i.e. cycle charging (CC) and modified cycle charging (MCC) dispatch strategies are used for the analysis based on Pareto multi objective optimization of LEC and GI. Pareto-fronts obtained considering both approaches were subsequently compared for different grid curtailments. The results show that a notable difference in LEC and system configuration is observed for two different approaches with the increase of grid interactions.

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