Conference paper

Multilingual Visual Sentiment Concept Matching

What would someone from another culture think of this photograph I just took? Would they think my picture of this 'wilted flower' was also sentimentally positive or would they perceive it negatively instead? Or what if I wanted to find other photographs that are semantically related to my image as well as sentimentally sensitive, but from other cultures? In fact, this cultural and sentimental relevancy are features that we would expect of any recommender system and query expansion engine, respectively. Motivated by this, we present an online demonstration of a system called Complura. Our system implements three major functions: an interactive multilingual ontology browser, a cross-lingual image-based sentiment analyzer, and a culturally-coherent, sentiment-aware image query expansion engine. We ground our system on a multilingual visual sentiment ontology, containing over 10k sentiment-polarized visual concepts over 12 languages and over 7.3M images.


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