Complete genome sequences of T5-related Escherichia coli bacteriophages DT57C and DT571/2 isolated from horse feces

We report the complete genome sequencing of two Escherichia coli T5-related bacteriophages, DT57C and DT571/2, isolated from the same specimen of horse feces. These two isolates share 96 % nucleotide sequence identity and can thus be considered representatives of the same novel species within the genus T5likevirus. The observed variation in the ltfA gene of these phages, resulting from a recent recombination event, may explain the observed host-range differences, suggesting that a modular mechanism makes a significant contribution to the short-term evolution (or adaptation) of T5-like phage genomes in the intestinal ecosystem. Comparison of our isolates to their closest relative, coliphage T5, revealed high overall synteny of the genomes and high conservation of the sequences of almost all structural proteins as well as of the other proteins with identified functions. At the same time, numerous alterations and non-orthologous replacements of non-structural protein genes (mostly of those with unknown functions) as well as substantial differences in tail fiber locus organization support the conclusion that DT57C and DT571/2 form a species-level group clearly distinct from bacteriophage T5.

Published in:
Archives Of Virology, 160, 12, 3133-3137
Wien, Springer Wien

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