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Experimental verification of the method for producing a three-dimensional cross-pairs metamaterial structure based on a dielectric AlN cube

This paper presents a method of manufacturing 3D metamaterial structures using laser radiation. Our proposed material, aluminum nitride (AlN), by interaction of a high-energy laser beam undergoes a direct metallization process, a result of which a conductive aluminum layer is formed on the ceramic surface at the spot of the laser radiation. Using this unique feature on all six sides of an AlN ceramic cube, the designed cross-pairs were mapped. Unit cells were exposed to an electromagnetic wave, by which the occurrence of the resonant areas of reflectance and transmittance for 7.27 GHz and 9.14 GHz was observed. To demonstrate the property of the negative refractive index a prism made out of manufactured cubes was created. For a wave propagating through a wedge-shaped prism for certain frequency bands, a negative refraction angle was observed.


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