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Real-Time Omnidirectional Imaging System with Interconnected Network of Cameras

The Panoptic camera is an omnidirectional multi-aperture visual system which is realized by mounting multiple imaging sensors on a hemispherical frame. In this chapter, we will present a novel distributed and parallel implementation of the real-time omnidirectional vision reconstruction algorithm of the Panoptic Camera, for camera modules with processing, memory and interconnectivity features. A methodology for the arrangement of camera modules with interconnectivity feature into a target interconnection network topology will be introduced. A unique custom-made multiple-FPGA hardware platform designed for the implementation of an interconnected network of a 49 camera prototype Panoptic system will be explained. A novel way to represent the omnidirectional data obtained from the Panoptic Camera and real-time high dynamic range (HDR) video application which is realized by the system will be presented.


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