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Wavelet Statistics of Sparse and Self-Similar Images

It is well documented that natural images are compressible in wavelet bases and tend to exhibit fractal properties. In this paper, we investigate statistical models that mimic these behaviors. We then use our models to make predictions on the statistics of the wavelet coefficients. Following an innovation modeling approach, we identify a general class of finite-variance self-similar sparse random processes. We first prove that spatially dilated versions of self-similar sparse processes are asymptotically Gaussian as the dilation factor increases. Based on this fundamental result, we show that the coarse-scale wavelet coefficients of these processes are also asymptotically Gaussian, provided the wavelet has enough vanishing moments. Moreover, we quantify the degree of Gaussianity by deriving the theoretical evolution of the kurtosis of the wavelet coefficients across scales. Finally, we apply our analysis to one- and two-dimensional signals, including natural images, and show that the wavelet coefficients tend to become Gaussian at coarse scales.


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