Tremendous progress has been made in audiovisual technologies in the last decades. Consequently, new technologies quality measures evolve and trend to be more user-centric. This is the reason why the Quality of Experience (QoE) assessment is presently meaningful and challenging, especially for users typical experiences during multimedia content consumption. Such an evaluation is the aim of this paper. More specifically, the Sense of Presence (SoP) was explored in place of QoE as it is a factor influencing the QoE. This paper presents the conducted subjective test investigating typical and practical user experiences. This latter consists of presenting one-minute video stimuli to twenty subjects, on three different devices (iPhone, iPad and UHD screen). Annotated subjective scores were collected and physiological signals (EEG, ECG, and Respiration) were recorded during the conducted subjective test. The resulting multimodal dataset, aiming an alternative evaluation of human experience while consuming multimedia, is publicly available.