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000215205 245__ $$aA model to calculate dynamical and steady-state behavior of ice particles in ice slurry storage tank
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000215205 260__ $$bInternational Institute of Refrigeration IIR-IIF$$c2001$$aOsaka, Japan
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000215205 520__ $$aStorage of ice slurries is advantageous to save energy and to produce a continuous controlled long-time operation of an ice-slurry system. To guarantee homogeneous ice particle fields and to prevent a system of blocking by ice clusters, up-to-present a good mixing of the slurries was proposed. But mixing can lead to twenty percent energy demand of the total energy con-sumption of an ice slurry system, including the production of cold. Therefore, new methods are invented to operate systems without a mixing in the storage tank, but still with a control of the fluid and flow conditions in the piping circuits. The theoretical basis to calculate distributions of ice particle fields, respectively ice concentration distributions in unmixed ice slurry storage tanks with stratifications is given and first numerical simulation results are presented.
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000215205 700__ $$0249234$$g263084$$aVuarnoz, Didier
000215205 700__ $$aSari, Osmann
000215205 7112_ $$dNovember 12-13, 2001$$cOsaka, Japan$$aFourth Workshop on Ice Slurries of the international Institute of Refrigeration
000215205 773__ $$tProceeding of the Fourth Workshop on Ice Slurries of the international Institute of Refrigeration$$q25-39
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