Determination of sulfonylurea herbicides in surface water using polar organic chemical integrative samplers (POCIS)

Sulfonylurea herbicides represent new pollutants of growing concern, which requires their continuous monitoring in the aquatic environment. Widely used for pre and post emergence control of broadleaf and grassy weeds in different crops, designed to offer advantages of the highest selectivity together with the lower persistence in the environment, by using relatively low application rates, typically less than 100 g of active ingredient per hectare. The objective of this study was the determination of the Rs of nine selected sulfonylurea herbicides - amidosulfuron, iodosulfuron-methyl, metsulfuron-methyl, nicosulfuron, oxasulfuron, prosulfuron, rimsulfuron, thifensulfuron-methyl, tritosulfuron. Determined for the first time, the sampling rates for these highly polar herbicides ranged from 0.025 to 0.093 L/day, with integrative uptake of the target pesticides for 14 days; To improved and corrected lab Rs to fit better with realistic environmental conditions elimination constant rate of 0.164/d was determined;

Presented at:
European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry (EMEC16), Turin, Italy, November 30 - December 3, 2015

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