Student project

3D geometry recovery from structured light system

3D scanning is a technique that permits to recover the pixel depth and thus, the three-dimensional shape of an object. This technique is well known since about 25 years ago, but we have seen it coming back recently due to the rapid progress in image processing technology (availability of hight resolution cameras, increase in computing power or increase of storage capacity for example, see \cite{hist}). A 3D scanner works relatively similar as a camera but it measures the depth along the color for every pixels and thus, allows to be used in design process, construction industry, civil engineering, entertainment, archaeology and in case of this project, Art. An non exhaustive list of such technology are laser, Modulated light, photometric stereo and structured light system. In all cases, the principle is based on triangulation, strength/weakness or time of flight. Of course, each techniques comes with its own limitations, advantages and costs. For the purpose of this project, we studied the structured light system.



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