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Kerr coefficients of plasma resonances in Josephson junction chains

We present an experimental and theoretical analysis of the self-and cross-Kerr effect of extended plasma resonances in Josephson junction chains. We calculate the Kerr coefficients by deriving and diagonalizing the Hamiltonian of a linear circuit model for the chain and then adding the Josephson nonlinearity as a perturbation. The calculated Kerr coefficients are compared with the measurement data of a chain of 200 junctions. The Kerr effect manifests itself as a frequency shift that depends linearly on the number of photons in a resonant mode. By changing the input power on a low signal level, we are able to measure this shift. The photon number is calibrated using the self-Kerr shift calculated from the sample parameters. We then compare the measured cross-Kerr shift with the theoretical prediction, using the calibrated photon number.


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