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A study of the magnetic properties of a quasi-one-dimensional magnet beta-TeVO4 in the frame of the J(1)-J(2) model

Magnetic properties of single crystal beta-TeVO4 with a zigzag chain of magnetic centers (V4+ ions, S = 1/2) are analyzed in the framework of the J(1)-J(2) model. The best agreement with experimental data is obtained for the J(1)-J(2) model with parameters J(1)/k(B) = -38.33K and J(2)/k(B) = 29.48K (g(b) = 2.07, g(a, c) = 1.99). In contrast to the previously used model (a uniform antiferromagnetic spin chain system with J(1)/k(B) = 21.4 K (g(b) = 2.28, g(a, c) = 2.18)), this improved result allows one to consider the object under study as a zigzag chain system with a dominant ferromagnetic exchange between the nearest neighbors and an antiferromagnetic interaction between the next-nearest neighbors. (C) 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.


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