Improved Accuracy in Jet Impingement Heat Transfer Experiments Considering the Layer Thicknesses of a Triple Thermochromic Liquid Crystal Coating

This paper examines the applicability of a triple layer of thermochromic liquid crystals (TLCs) for the determination of local heat transfer coefficients using the transient liquid crystal (LC) technique. The experiments were carried out in a narrow impingement channel, typically used for turbine blade cooling applications. Three types of narrow bandwidth LCs (1 _C range) of 35 _C, 38 _C, and 41 _C were individually painted on the target plate of the cooling cavity and the overall paint thickness was accurately determined with an integral coating thickness gauge. The 1D transient heat conduction equation is then implicitly solved for each individual TLC layer on its realistic depth on the painted surface. Local heat transfer coefficients are therefore calculated three times for the same location in the flow improving the measurement accuracy, especially at regions where the LC detection times are too short (stagnation points) or too long (wall-jet regions). The results indicate that if multiple LC layers are used and the paint thickness is not considered, the heat transfer coefficients can be significantly underestimated.

Published in:
Transactions- American Society of Mechanical Engineers Journal of Turbomachinery, 138, 2, 021003 (10 pages)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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