Color changing effects with anisotropic halftone prints on metal

We propose a color reproduction framework for creating specularly reflecting color images printed on a metallic substrate that change hue or chroma upon in-plane rotation by 90°. This framework is based on the anisotropic dot gain of line halftones when viewed under specular reflection. The proposed framework relies on a spectral prediction model specially conceived for predicting the color of non-rotated and of 90° in-plane rotated cross-halftones formed of superpositions of horizontal and vertical cyan, magenta and yellow line halftones. Desired non-rotated and rotated image colors are mapped onto the sub-gamut allowing for the desired hue or chroma shift and then, using a 6D correspondence table, converted to optimal cross-halftone ink surface coverages. The proposed recolorization and decolorization framework is especially effective for creating surprising effects such as image parts whose hues change, or gray regions that become colorful. It can be adapted to commercial printers capable of printing with cyan, magenta and yellow inks on substrates formed by an ink attracting polymer lying on top of a metallic film layer. Applications may include art, advertisement, exhibitions and document security.

Published in:
ACM Trans. Graph., 34, 6, 167
New York, Assoc Computing Machinery

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