Many schemes have been recently advanced for storing data on multiple clouds. Distributing data over different cloud storage providers (CSPs) automatically provides users with a certain degree of information leakage control, as no single point of attack can leak all user's information. However, unplanned distribution of data chunks can lead to high information disclosure even while using multiple clouds. In this paper, to address this problem we present StoreSim, an information leakage aware storage system in multicloud. StoreSim aims to store syntactically similar data on the same cloud, thus minimizing the user's information leakage across multiple clouds. We design an approximate algorithm to efficiently generate similarity-preserving signatures for data chunks based on MinHash and Bloom filter, and also design a function to compute the information leakage based on these signatures. Next, we present an effective storage plan generation algorithm based on clustering for distributing data chunks with minimal information leakage across multiple clouds. Finally, we evaluate our scheme using two real datasets from Wikipedia and GitHub. We show that our scheme can reduce the information leakage by up to 60\% compared to unplanned placement.