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Strings from domain walls in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and adjoint QCD

We study strings between static quarks in QCD with nf adjoint fermions, including N = 1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills (SYM), in the calculable regime on R-3 x S-L(1), which shares many features with the XY-spin model. We find that they have many qualitatively new features not previously known. The difference from other realizations of Abelian confinement is due to the composite nature of magnetic bions, whose Dirac quantum with fundamental quarks is two, and to the unbroken part of the Weyl group. In particular we show that strings are composed of two domain walls, that quarks are not confined on domain walls, that strings can end on domain walls, and that "Y" or "Delta" baryons can form. By similar argumentation, liberation of vortices on domain walls in the condensed matter counterparts may have important implications in the physics of transport. In the gauge theory we briefly discuss the lightest modes of strings and the decompactification limit.


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