Hot electron emission array for e-beam photolithography and display screens

This invention relates to a device for emitting addressable locations comprises parallel spaced-apart first conductors (10) intersecting with parallel spaced-apart second conductors (11). The intersecting first and second conductors define addressable locations where electrons (12) are emitted in response to the application of an energizing voltage. One face of the first conductors is covered with an insulating layer (13) against which the second conductors (11) are applied, this insulating layer (13) forming a tunnel barrier for hot electrons (12) that travel ballistically through and are emitted from the second conductors (11) in response to the application of the energizing voltage. The emitted electrons impinge a target (30, 40, 50) which can be a light-emitting screen of a flat panel display, such as an electroluminescent polymer of a flat panel screen, or an electroluminescent phosphorous screen, or a target wafer bombarded by the electrons emitted from a flexible e-beam lithography mask. The intersecting conductors (10, 11) can be Al wires, or can be produced by C-MOS technology.

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