Method for estimating and correcting a drift between clocks of receiving transceiver and a corresponding emitting transceiver, and receive for implementing said method

Method for estimating and correcting a frequency offset between a local clock of a receiving transceiver and a remote clock of an emitting transceiver comprises receiving by said receiving transceiver, a signal emitted by the emitting transceiver, said signal lacking a continuous sinusoidal carrier and having at least one symbol, each symbol being emitted within a time frame having a first duration sampling the signal by taking for each time frame a set of energy measurements of said signal forming a matrix representative of said energy measurements determining from said energy matrix, points of maximum of energy within each time frame determining a line connecting a plurality of said points within each of said time frames determining a slope of said line calculating a frequency offset between the clocks of the emitting and receiving transceivers using the slope and adjusting the receiving transceiver's clock frequency according to the frequency offset.

Other identifiers:
TTO: 6.0857
EPO Family ID: 42111865

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