Encoding and decoding of information

Method and system for weighting the amplitude of an event in a time -based code. The time-based code is divided into time intervals. Each of the time intervals of the time-based code corresponds to a digit in the received signal. Each digit of a first state of the received signal is expressed as a event occurring at a first time within the corresponding time interval of the time -based code. Each digit of a second state of the received signal is expressed as an event occurring at a second time within the corresponding time intervals of the time -based code, the first time is distinguishable from the second time. All of the states of the digits in the received signal are represented by events in the time-based code. The weighting is performed as a function of the timing of other events in the time-based code signal.

Alternative title(s) : (de) Codierung und decodierung von informationen (fr) Codage et décodage d'informations
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