Capteur pyroelectrique ayant entre ses pixels un couplage thermique parasite reduit

Pyroelectric sensor has each pixel's secondary electrode made with no contact with other secondary electrodes. The pyroelectric sensor consists of a series of pixels (12A) with primary (14) and secondary (28) electrodes on opposite surfaces of a thin porous pyroelectric layer (20A) on a substrate (8A). The secondary electrode of each pixel has either no metallic contact with other secondary electrodes or a contact only via a metal track of relatively thin section. The pyroelectric layer is applied by a sol-gel procedure with the aid of a soluble polymer in a base solution, and the substrate incorporates an intermediate layer (32) of an aerogel providing thermal insulation between the pixels and substrate.

Other identifiers:
TTO: 6.0203
EPO Family ID: 8169453

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