Junctionless nano-electro-mechanical resonant transistor

A junctionless Nano-Electro-Mechanical (NEM) resonator, comprising a highly doped conductive channel (4) connecting a drain (9) and a source (10) electrode and movably fixed by at least two ends (11, 11') acting as said source and drain electrodes, respectively at least one fixed gate electrode (3, 3') arranged to control a depletion charge (5) in the highly doped conductive channel (4) thereby modulating dimensions of a cross-section of the highly doped conductive channel (4). A dimension of the cross-section in the direction of an electrical field that is oriented from the fixed gate electrode (3, 3') to the highly doped conductive channel (4), is designed in such a way that it can be reduced under the effect of the depletion charge such that a full depletion in the highly doped conductive channel (4) is achievable with the control of the fixed gate electrode.

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