Sample processing device with detachable slide

A biological and chemical sample processing device that b. comprises a high pressure-resistant, shallow and wide area microfluidic chamber having at least one wall formed by a detachable slide containing samples such as immobilized entities, biological samples or molecules, c. comprises an arrangement of microfluidic access holes for injecting to and collecting fluid form said chamber, d. is interfaced with inlet ports and microfluidic channels which are formed external to the chamber, e. is configured so that the slide may be brought into contact with the device to form the said chamber, f. is adapted to deliver and to transport fluidic substances and reagents inside said chamber in a fast manner, preferably within less than 15 seconds, and in a regular or uniform way owing to said arrangement of microfluidic access holes.

Other identifiers:
TTO: 6.1081
EPO Family ID: 48289520

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